Welcome to the Neighborhood!


Find friendly faces at the Southwest Valley Chamber!

We know how stressful (and exciting) moving can be. Even with all the planning, there will always be a surprise or two. We can help you find the answers to any problem you might have.

Just Starting the Moving Process?

We can connect you with many reliable people from real estate agents, movers, and everyone else to get you into your new home.

Already Living Here?

Let us help you find doctors, dentists, hair stylists, daycare, car mechanics, and other people, services, and shops with friendly people who are always glad to help new neighbors.

Gotta Have Fun!

Eventually, you’ll be ready to unwind, go to a great restaurant, relax, and get to know the community. We can help you find whatever fun you like to have, tell you the great places to eat, and where to go for fun. Our staff have lived here for years, have been state certified specialists, and always glad to meet new friends.